Maid services in Saigon (House cleaning service in HCM) 

Maid sevice

»» Part-time (3 hours/day – 6 days/week - 72 hours/month): 170 USD / month
»» Part-time (3 hours/day – 3 days/week - 36 hours/month): 99 USD / month
»» Part-time (2 hours/day – 3 days/week - 24 hours/month): 58 USD / month
»» Part-time (2 hours/day – 2 days/week - 16 hours/month): 50 USD / month
»» Part-time (1 hours/day – 3 days/week - 12 hours/month): 38 USD / month

  • Clean rooms, lounges, restrooms, corridors, stairways, locker rooms and other areas in the house.
  • Clean rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies, using vacuum cleaners and/or shampooers.
  • Empty wastebaskets, empty and clean ashtrays, and transport other trash and waste to disposal areas.
  • Wash all soiled linens, towels, and toilet items.
  • Purchase or order groceries and household supplies to keep kitchens stocked, and record expenditures.
  • Run errands such as taking laundry to the dry cleaners and buying groceries.
  • Sweep, scrub, and mop floors.
  • Keep storage areas well-stocked, clean, and tidy.
  • Replenish supplies such as drinking glasses, linens, writing supplies, and bathroom items
  • Sort clothing and other articles, load washing machine, and iron and fold dried items.
  • Sort, count, and mark clean linens, and store them in linen closets.
  • Wash windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork, waxing and polishing as necessary
  • Tell the host what repair services needed and wait for repair workers to arrive.
  • Hang draperies and dust window blinds.
  • Wash dishes and clean kitchens, cooking utensils, and silverware.
  • Answer doorbells.

Maid services


»» Full-time: 8hours/days, 24days/month: 240 USD
»» Part-time: 3hours/day, 3days/week: 150 USD

  • Take children to and from school and all other extra activities.
  • Tidy or help children (depending on the children’s age) clean their bedrooms, bathroom and playroom.
  • Wash children's soiled clothing.
  • Do family errands when needed.
  • Plan creative play and learning activities and organize meal times, sleep times, and bathroom schedule.
  • Safeguard children against potential dangers, such as swimming pools, kitchen utensils, poisons and stairs.
  • Take sole responsibility of children for extended periods while parents are absent from home.
  • Keep an eye on school schedules, vacations, extra-curricular activities and play-dates to remind the host.
  • Prepare all bottles/formula for infants.
  • Make sure children’s toys are always clean.
  • Assist with the bathing and dressing of the children.
  • Pack all lunches and assist the children with backpack organization
  • Pack and prepare children's clothing and belongings for family holidays.
  • Organize children's book, video and toy collections.
  • Teach children basic manners and etiquette as agreed upon with the parents
  • Provide a loving, safe and structured environment for the emotional, mental and educational growth of the children.


»» Every week: 40 USD

  • Flowers changing for Living room, bedrooms.

Pest Control

»» < 100sq.m: 25 USD
»» 100 – 200sq.m: 40 USD
»» 150 – 300sq.m: 40 USD
»» > 300sq.m: 60 USD

Outside/inside house

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