Metropole Thu Thiem Apartment project started construction in 2018. Since then the project has immediately received a lot of attention from investors as well as residents in Ho Chi Minh City.

With designs  ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms with high-end interior design, each apartment space will be priced differently depending on the building and area.


1-bedroom apartment for rent in Metropole Thu Thiem (50-55m2): 800-1000 USD including management fee.

2-bedroom apartment for rent in Metropole Thu Thiem (83-95 m2): 1200-1500 USD including management fee.

3-bedroom apartment for rent in Metropole Thu Thiem (125-140 m2): 2000 - 2500 USD.



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Metropole Thu Thiem Apartment owns a special view right in the city center. Moreover, its riverside location exudes the attraction for residents living here. Meanwhile, Thu Thiem urbanized area is expected to see many developments in the coming years.

A busy area with a modern home is what everyone wants. As a product of 3 investors: SonKim Land, Vietcombank and Quoc Loc Phat Joint Stock Company, Metropole Thu Thiem Apartments is a perfect combination.

Metropole Thu Thiem Apartment  is located right in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City as a bright star, bringing a new vitality to the residents while living here. For those who love an open lifestyle, being in harmony with nature and respecting privacy, Metropole Thu Thiem is the perfect suggestion.



The perfect combination of 3 big investors

Metropole Thu Thiem Apartment in district 2 is the "common child" of all 3 investors, SonKim Land, Vietcombank and Quoc Loc Phat Joint Stock Company. These are the brightest names in the real estate industry, which are highly appreciated by customers for their prestige.

Quoc Loc Phat Joint Stock Company is a unit with very strong financial capacity. Especially, there is foreign capital investments. Although SonKim Land is a relatively new name in the real estate village, it also made a strong impression after a short time.

Metropole Thu Thiem Apartment is one of the projects that have many big investors. That is why prestige is always on top.

Metropole Thu Thiem spans a large area 

Thu Thiem Metropole Apartments Project has a total area of ​​more than 7ha, stretching in 4 subdivisions which are 1.13, 1.14, 1.16 and 1.17 of the Thu Thiem peninsula. It has a design of 8 towers and each building has from 12 to 14 floors. In addition, the investors also designs the commercial area in combination with many other classy amenities.

We wish for residents living here to enjoy a healthy, modern and civilized space. The number of apartments is relatively large: Up to about 1,300 units with many different area designs.

Thu Thiem Metropole Apartments’ designs vary from 2 to 4 bedrooms, area from 64m2 - 132m2. Duplex has an area of ​​220m2 - 280m2. Penthouse has an area of ​​360m2 - 560m2. With a total investment of 7,000 billion VND. Metropole focuses on the high-end customer segment with luxurious design and energy saving.



Metropole Thu Thiem Apartments has quick and convenient regional links:

The prime location of the Metropole Thu Thiem project has made many people appreciate it. This location is very convenient to connect with other places very quickly.

  • Thu Thiem Metropole Apatments connects to Thu Thiem tunnel and East-West Avenue. Can move to District 1, District 5, District 9 and neighboring provinces quickly.
  • Thu Thiem Metropole Apartments can connect to Binh Thanh, District 1, District 4, and District 7 within 5 minutes.

 A beautiful location will facilitate smooth travel. It is the desire of many residents when living in this busy urban area.

Thu Thiem Metropole Apartments has high-class internal utilities

Beautiful living space is not enough, any residence area must also meet the needs of living, experience and enjoyment of the people. Bringing a new positive wind source to District 2, the investors of Thu Thiem Metropole Apatments has developed fantastic amenity designs.

Inspired by the quintessential designs in Barangaroo (Sydney), East Circular Quay (Sydney), the Thu Thiem Metropole Apatments project is a perfect combination between Vietnam and the Western architecture, meanwhile relying on the culture of the home country to build up its attractive.

It is a delicate, close but very luxurious. All utilities are rated 5-star quality.

  • The large, overflowing luxury swimming pool with views of the Saigon River and Bitexco
  • The gym is also very carefully invested
  • In addition, the spa, yoga and beauty salon area meet the needs of women
  • Green park, mini garden combined with children's play ground
  • Lake landscape
  • Trade center area
  • Tennis course
  • Outdoor BBQ area ...

Convenient external utilities

Thu Thiem Metropole Apatments with the highlight of internal utilities, the life of the residents is even more classy thanks to the external utility system. 

  • Opera House: For music enthusiasts, this will surely be the most entertaining place in Saigon. Expected to open to thousands of participants every day, this is an entertainment utility for residents here.
  • Central Plaza: This is a busy shopping center with famous brands.
  • You can take a relaxing walk right at Nguyen Hue street, located right in District 1.
  • Convention Center: International standard exhibition center serving the urban community as well as the city.
  • Empire 86 Tower: This is an upcoming trade center and will be taller than the Landmark building at Vinhomes Central Park.


Thu Thiem Metropole Apatments is the most desirable place to live today. It is all very well combined from design to to external utilities. The investors’ intention is to bring a classy living space to the people here with a vision that in only 5-10 years later, District 2 will potentially see the most dramatic developments in Ho Chi Minh City.







One bedroom apartment for rent

One bedroom apartment for rent in The Metrople Thu Thiem

700 USD

Code: 6455

Beds: 01Baths: 01Area: 50m2
Two bedrooms for rent in The

Two bedrooms for rent in The Metrople The Galleria

1300 USD

Code: 6433

Beds: 02Baths: 02Area: 90m2
Two bedrooms apartment for

Two bedrooms apartment for rent at Galleria The Metrople

1100 USD

Code: 4974

Beds: 02Baths: 02Area: 80m2
One bedroom The Galleria for

One bedroom The Galleria for rent The Metrople Thu Thiem

800 USD

Code: 4936

Beds: 01Baths: 01Area: 55m2
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